Intel Confirmed Leaks about its “Ghost Canyon,” Which Is Arriving at CES 2020

All those rumors and leaks about Intel’s small modular desktop PC built for gaming turned out to be true.

The first time Intel added an AMD graphics inside an Intel processor, we saw the Hades Canyon NUC (or the NUC 8), and while it was quite a powerful gaming PC, there was no room for upgrades. But now we learn that Intel has indeed been working on the next-gen NUC, called NUC 9 Extreme “Ghost Canyon.”

Ghost Canyon – the Mini Modular Desktop PC of 2020

With the Ghost Canyon, gamers will be able to customize everything inside the small case, from the CPU, GPU, memory, to the storage, and with little to no effort.

We saw a lot of rumors in the past months that have been finally put to rest by Intel when they revealed last night their “Ghost Canyon,” which will be displayed in Las Vegas at CES 2020. Finally, the leak about this new gaming PC, the successor of the Hades Canyon NUC, is real!

Intel’s NUC Compute Element initiative was created so that computers would be easy to upgrade. In the leaks we saw, we learned that this mini-PC only had 5 liters in volume, resembling a gaming console.

Last night, Intel confirmed all of that, adding that users could swap out the Compute Element” CPU cartridges. Here are all the official details in the photo below, and more information should be available this week at CES:

While Intel is keeping the good stuff for CES, the company did say that the Ghost Canyon would support up to Intel’s H-series Core i9 processors. Intel confirmed their partners are on board to make the system customizable, meaning users will be able to choose a memory, storage, and operating system of their liking.

Looking at all the leaked information and the confirmed details, we can expect to see an interesting mini-PC. Hopefully, we will learn more about it this week, so head over to our CES 2020 page for more last-minute updates.

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