iOS 13.3.1 Launched To Fix A Bug And Add Some Improvements

As confirmed, Apple worked on fixing the iOS bug that lets kids easily bypass Screen Time Communication Limits. A software bug is an error in the system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result. They released iOS 13.3.1 Public Beta 1 to be tested by the end-users.

Thus, that is the reason we get an iOS 13.3.1 release instead of iOS 13.4. To get iOS 13.3.1 Public Beta 1 on your phone, you need to update your software to iOS 13.3 first.

What about the bug

Setting Communication Limits During Allowed Screen Time used to ignore numbers that aren’t in your iCloud contacts list. This setting is excellent to restrict your children from who they can contact and when.

We realized pretty fast that you could bypass Communication Limits easily. For example, if receiving an unknown number texts, you can use a provided link to add that number to their contacts. Also, by using an Apple Watch, communication limits can be bypassed simply by asking Siri to call or message a number.

The new iOS 13.3.1 version has fixed this issue

But does the new version have any bugs? According to the official release notes, the answer is: No! Time will tell us if that’s true or not as obviously that wasn’t the case with iOS 13.3.

Apple shouldn’t be so reserved on what they’re working on so that beta testers can focus their attention on the latest things. They should also report any bugs found. If that would have happened before launching iOS 13.3.1, maybe we would be looking at iOS 13.4 now.

Unfortunately, point releases, like iOS 13.3.1, usually don’t even get beta tested; they are just released to the public to fix the bug “inconvenience.” Apple is running iOS 13.3.1 through a beta cycle, which means that they want to make sure that this time it would work well as planned.

As it “is the season to be jolly,” we expect iOS 13.3.1 to be tested for three weeks and released at the beginning of 2020. Or maybe Apple wants to grant us an early gift by releasing it in a week.

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