iOS 13: How To Update And Delete Apps The Fastest Way

Updating and deleting apps is a primordial process for any smartphone user, and it could become very annoying sometimes. Therefore, a more professional way of how to do such tasks could only be beneficial. And considering the fact that iOS 13 brought a lot of new stuff to iPhones, it may be difficult even for the experienced people to arrange their apps in an efficient way.

Update with only two taps

iOS 13 may be confusing even for the most devoted Apple customers who have been using iPhones for many years. For example, the new version of the operating system removed the update tab from the App Store in order to put the Apple Arcade instead. To find the update button, you will have to go instead underneath your account details, which you can find by tapping your profile image in the top right of the App Store.

But there’s a very useful shortcut, which you can find by long-pressing the App Store tile, similar to the latest versions of the big rival Android. On the older iOSes, this would make the apps start to do the trademark wiggle which signaled you could move them about. In iOS 13, when you long-press an app, it brings up a menu with a few essential options. This way you’ll find the update option much easier.

The delete option is just around the corner

Once you get to the update menu, you’ll find a list of apps that have been recently updated. Now you have under your nose the most comfortable way of deleting apps from your iOS 13 device. Just find the app in the update menu, and then swipe to bring up the red “Delete” option. Hit that button without hesitation and that will delete the app from your phone.

Are there any other features you are excited about iOS 13? Don’t be shy and let us know in a comment below!

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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