iOS 14 Newest Leaks and Possible Release Date

Many Apple fans will agree that iOS 13 came with a lot of features but also a few headaches.  The anticipated update included so many bugs that Apple decided to accelerate the development schedule and released the 13.1 update ealier by one week.

Many of the issues present in iOS 13 have been addressed, but some fans are already looking forward to the next major update for the beloved operating system. Read below to learn more about the rumors related to the update and some of the possible features that could be included.

Possible release date

It is likely that Apple will not mention anything about the future update until the World Wide Developers Conference, which should take place in June 2020. Developers who attend the event could get access to a developer beta, but that remains to be seen. A public beta should arrive after a few weeks if everything goes as expected.

Possible features


Many users hope that iOS 14 will bring support for 5G, but the inclusion of this feature is tied to the existence of compatible physical hardware. Even if Apple decides to adopt 5G, devices that don’t feature a 5G-capable modem will not gain access to it.

A faster way to include links in emails

A faster way to insert links into emails would be a great boon for many users who use their iPhones to send emails to friends, families, or business contracts. The option to copy and paste the link is present, but it can become tiresome if you want to send individual emails to a large number of recipients.

Enhanced spam calls filter

The Silence Unknown Callers feature will send any caller who is not a registered contact to the voice mail, but this is far from ideal if you tend to get important calls from people who aren’t on the contacts list.

Only time will tell if any of these features will be available when iOS 14 will be released.

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