iOS 14 Possible Release Date – Compatible Devices with 5G

The latest iOS update may have been released a few weeks ago with a selection of new features, but many Apple fans are already looking forward to the next major update.

Likely, iOS 14 will not surface until the next range of iPhones is released, but rumors are already present on the internet, and new technology could lead to fresh features, may not be available in the case of older devices.

Possible release date

September is the prime period for a release date. Several teasers could, during WWDC 2020, which should take place in May 2020, with a public beta being available towards the end of the same month.

Compatible devices

Updates are great, but some devices are too old to run new updates properly. iOS 13 dropped the support for any devices which are older than the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE. At this point, the criteria used by Apple to decide which devices will receive new updates remain elusive, but many believe that the iPhone SE will not cut.


is one of the features linked to a physical component and it will not be available in the case of older devices since specific modems and chips are needed.

AR glasses

The Cupertino company has been hard at work on a pair of AR glasses, which could be released at some point in 2020. The glasses would work as a smart accessory, conveying valuable information among which we can count text messages, map directions and much more.

However, Apple will have to create some excellent apps as a reason for buying since prospective customers haven’t been impressed by the Google Glasses and the Spectacles 2 made by Snap.

Smart features

Some smart features could make an appearance, including an advanced spam calls filter which can keep those pesky calls away without blocking all unknown callers

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