IoT 2019 Innovations and Customer Experience

The purest definition of IoT involves a series of devices that are connected seamlessly with the help of the internet.

According to a reliable source, there will be over 25 billion IoT devices spread across the world by 2021. This includes smart house systems, wearable accessories, connected cars and much more.  The rate at which the IoT industry expands has increased exponentially in recent years.

IoT has become constant in the daily consumer life, being present in a variety of forms, ranging between smart medical bills and rooms filled with advanced sensors. The enhanced communication layer of sci-fi is now a reality.

A pivotal role in the spread of IoT is played by the popularity of affordable sensors. BLE-sensors, which are small and easy to mount, can be fitted across a large variety of devices and environments and send valuable data. The newest IoT sensors can be applied directly to the skin to track the health of a patient.

IoT and entrepreneurs

IoT can be a great boon for entrepreneurs, allowing them to reach a wider market and interact with their customers in a novel way. By monitoring factors with the help of IoT solutions, they can also enhance the experience which is offered to customers.

Relevant business data

With the help of IoT solutions, valuable data can be collected from remote devices, improving the accuracy and minimizing economic toil in the long run. The data can be split and analyzed independently.

Enhanced revenue models

Digital analytics will replace logs and spreadsheets, allowing quicker access to relevant data. The enhanced data streams can allow companies to spot new revenue opportunities, superior customer service, and a competitive edge.

Proactive service

In the case of connected cars and tools or devices fitted with sensors, service companies can anticipate if something has to be changed and act before any incidents take place. A superior service experience will improve the image and reliability of the brand.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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