iPhone 12 Concept Shows How The Next-Gen iPhone Models Might Look Like

The novelty about future iPhones from next year is about the design of the phone. We have information from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the upcoming iPhone 12 series will come with a significant change in the design department, very close to what happened with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Other rumors are saying that Apple is changing the design of the next iPhones to be more close to the iPads. On the same theme, artist Ben Geskin is using these kinds of rumors to create the model of the new phone.

Based on the leaks about the design changes, the future iPhone will come with a metal frame and an injection molding structure. The molding structure will have a glass or a sapphire to cover it and protect it. Of course, the changes won’t come cheap. Just for the fact that Apple will use gals and a metal frame, the price will be higher with 60%.

Besides this, the analyst is saying that the new design will not be the only chance for future iPhones. The new phones will also have a 5G network, so thanks to that, the company’s shipping will rise. The estimated figures for 2019 were 75 million units, but next year Apple could reach 85 million units.

Finally, if we look back a little on the design changes, in 2018, Apple made a change to iPad Pro models. The devices had almost the same design as iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (at the back, edges, and flat on the front). In the render created by Ben Geskin, the phone comes in two versions. The first one doesn’t have a notch, and it looks fabulous. And he tried the model with a notch as well, which is probably closer to the truth.

Austin Barrie

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