iPhone 13 Models Would Be Entirely Wireless, According To Some Rumors

A reliable source claims that Apple plans to ditch all cables by 2021 when it releases the iPhone 13 models that would come without a wired port. The prediction was offered by a popular analyst who offered accurate information in the past, and it appears to be quite credible.

The most expensive iPhone offered by Apple in the 2021 line-up will offer a fully wireless experience, and owners will be able to charge it wirelessly. This change will spearhead an attempt to separate iPhones from other flagship devices as more companies seek to enter the market.

In the last two years, Apple offered a selection of three devices: a more affordable choice that is weaker than the standard version, the standard model, and a more expensive version, which usually sports a bigger screen and battery. The new report is among the first which explores the 2021 iPhone models (iPhone 13, allegedly).

iPhone 13 would be completely wireless

Other details remain elusive, but it is thought that the current branding will be retained, and they will be branded as iPhone 13. Besides a new generation of iPhones, it is also thought that Apple could release a new iPhone SE during the same timeframe. The original iPhone SE has been a hit since 2016 when it was released with a price tag of $400.

The iPhone SE2 will be modeled after the iPhone 8, and it could sport impressive features while being accompanied by a very affordable price tag.  In 2016 Apple shocked many users when it announced that the iPhone 7 would not feature a headphone jack.

The decision was motivated by a futuristic vision as the company anticipated the rise of wireless headphones and other audio accessories. At first, the feedback was negative, but many users embraced the change, and a large number of smartphone manufacturers followed the example. If Apple drops the Lightning port, it may encourage a new push within the industry.

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