It’s Time To Say Goodbye To This Beloved MacBook Pro Feature

Apple’s WWDC announcement that they are moving away from intel to ARM over the next two years means that the company will have a handful of possibilities to change the Mac platform with new code, new architecture, and new practices.

Affected Platforms

In terms of look and functionality, iPads and Macs will be the most affected.

WWDC is a testimony for the direction Apple seeks to follow, and it appears that they are tending to favorize the iPad.

Charles Tumiotto Jackson from MacO’Clock stated:

“Pretty much everything new about the macOS redesign looks like a version of iOS to me. The rounded corners everywhere, especially on the dock, the new icons, the control center… Pretty much everything now looks like the interface of an iPad.”

He also said that the most significant difference between the two systems is how you can control them.

However, it looks like that is going to change, too.


One of the most notable changes is the removal of Boot Camp and the reduction of Mac hardware flexibility. The company says that users should not be concerned, however, but we don’t know how to feel about that yet.

Basecamp’s Hey email app had severe problems navigating the App Store policies, especially around the functionality of the app that the company wanted to see. Also, Basecamp used an external payment service that was not Apple’s added an extra layer of trouble.

It appears that Apple is working on redefining the concept of the Mac, and the effect of their choices took its toll on the iPad. Pro models have moved toward being more of a MacBook with attachments like the Magic Keyboard and designated tablet.

The list of differences in user interfaces between MacOS and iPad OS is getting slimmer each month.

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