John Wick Hex – Make Your Own John Wick Story On Your Computer

Now you can play your self-designed action movie on your Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One, as the famous John Wick character. John Wick Hex is an action game that puts players in the shoes of the John Wick movie personage, so players should expect a ruthless action game that mirrors the movie’s universe, full of gore.

Besides, gamers should also use strategy and stealth-like actions, like in Splinter Cell, to accomplish missions. John Wick Hex happens before the first Hollywood movie, presenting the story of the character before he became the worldwide-known assassin.

The story of the game revolves on young John Wick, who must fight Hex, a world-renowned villain that captures two crime lords that rule the organizations known as Winston and Charon. Ian McShane and Lance Reddick voice these characters. Keanu Reeves’s character, John Wick, is not played by the actor, but the devs provided a similar vice for the main character, so it’s fun to hear Wick’s lines during gameplay.

Play Your Own John Wick Story On Your Computer Via John Wick Hex Video Game

The downside of John Wick Hex is that it doesn’t come out with a groundbreaking storyline, but it is an action game, so you will have a lot of fun beating bad guys and mobsters. The game is split into chapters, and each of them ends up with a Boss fight, something that gives this game an old-school appearance.

With a top-down perspective that would make old-school GTA fans happy, John Wick Hex would deliver a unique feeling for an action game. The battles look excellent, the stealth is essential, and the whole game is indeed attractive.

Even though it is an action game, John Wick Hex is also focused on strategy. Without tactics, you don’t stand a chance in the fight against mobsters and bosses. Accordingly, John Wick Hex is more than a top-down action game, and it deserves mentioning since it is based on one of the most popular Hollywood movie series.

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