Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind – These Are the Brand New Features for You to Enjoy

Square Enix was the host of a Kingdom Hearts orchestra in Japan, in Osaka, and it has become a tradition now to share brand new details about Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC.

We have got all the details from the twitter user Melanie, who attended the concert. Other attendees also shared the same information, and they all confirmed that the new trailer would be here in December when we’ll also learn the release date. From what we’ve heard so far, we have a Photo Mode, a Fast Pass Mode, a Slideshow Mode, and even a “Black Code.”

Melanie stated that the Photo Mode would allow you to take pictures of all the protagonists and the antagonists, too. You will choose the setting, the props, and background effects. You can use a Dusk or a giant pancake.

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The Slideshow mode would allow you to take photos and add background music, zooms, and transitions, and then create a slideshow. There are so many new possibilities with these new features.

The Fast Pass Mode and the Black Code would allow you to change the difficulty settings. The Fast Pass Mode helps you to kill enemies in the one-shot, and get at least seven attractions or spells. The Black Mode will let you play in the extra hard mode, and you can choose how much health you get.

We have also heard that the director Tetsuya Nomura could not give us release date because the higher-ups would get angry at him. Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind is set to be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We are waiting for a release date and an official statement.

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