League of Legends: Wild Rift Available on Mobile and Consoles in 2020

Developers, Riot Games are preparing League of Legends: Wild Rift for iOS, Android users, and even for consoles. The version will be available in 2020, along with some other game titles. The news resurfaced over the Internet earlier this year, and the details were confirmed by developers recently. Also, Riot Games stated that their work for the game wasn’t quite simple at all. They explained that this happened because Wild Rift is not only a port of League of Legends for PC. What they did was to rebuild almost the whole game. So, like this, they succeeded in making a new and polished version for mobile devices and consoles.

Wild Rift will feature a dual-stick, a thumb-helpful control option designed for consoles. Also, it will enable the matches more quickly. Developers combined some popular features with the new, and they also added a 5v5 map based on LoL’s Summoner’s Rift. The map is considered one of the most significant maps. More intriguingly, Wild Rift will introduce 40 characters from already existing LoL’s list of champions. Riot Games, however, chose as a release date 2020. As they stated, “everywhere in the world by the end of 2020.” The release will include the console debut, too. We’re going to get our experience for free, even earning all the champions will be like this.

Currently, the game is prepared for alpha and beta versions in the next months. Testings will take place in China. For inpatient users, it is possible to pre-register on Google Play if you have any Android device. Also, you can benefit from bonuses and rewards if you choose the sign-up option at launch. This feature is available, unfortunately, only for Southeast Asia, Macau, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

More details are expected very soon from Riot Games

Arya Spetza

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