Leaked Apex Legends Image Reveals Revenant Trying To Kill Forge

Respawn has officially announced Forge earlier this week, and by accident, they later published a trailer for the season 4 on YouTube with some massive spoilers. They did manage to take it down after a couple of minutes, but some eagle-eyed fans spotted Revenant as he was trying to stab Forge in the back.

Let’s check out the image below.

Revenant Stabbing Forge in the Back – Is This a Flashback or What?

Forge was announced this week by Respawn and will be introduced in season 4 as the new champion. While people thought Revenant would be delayed, this new leaked image from the video might actually confirm our suspicions about two Legends being released in season 4.

In the screenshot below, we spot Forge dressed for an interview, talking while Revenant is in the background, preparing to make his move and take out Forge.

Some fans on Twitter commented to iLootGames’ Tweet with the screenshot that this could be part of Forge’s memory of that moment since his right arm isn’t scarred yet.

Ever since August, Revenant appeared in data mines and even showed up last year at the Halloween event. Earlier this week, we saw Revenant on EA’s website thanks to a player that toyed around with some URL’s until he spotted Revenant. Data miners have also discovered Revenant’s abilities and Valentine’s Day quips, which means he should be ready for an early February release.

In the game, players discovered Forge’s interview setup, which included an opened vent through which Revenant came and prepared to assassinate Forge as the latter was having his interview. Add the recent leak to the in-game Easter egg, and we can all agree this theory stands.

So far, the only confirmed champion for season 4 is Forge. Still, players might get a surprise since Apex Legends is going to celebrate its one-year anniversary, which makes for the perfect occasion for Revenant to finally be revealed!

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