Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser Set to Be Enterprise-Ready

The newly announced Microsoft Edge Chromium-developed browser brings a broad package of resources to support enterprise users get ready for their rollout. The end of the Windows 7 era will mark the start of a revolutionary one for the Redmond company.

And will all begin with the launch of the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser, set to receive updates on a more regular plan related to the Microsoft Edge legacy browser. Also, with the browser, IT departments would control better of Edge features from general update administration to initial deployment.

Microsoft Edge Introduced Features

The Beta Channel is the most reliable option of a particular enterprise that want to test Microsoft Edge Chromium before it accesses deployment. Canary (Daily) and Developer (Weekly) are other channels that can be tested.

They are less reliable than the Beta Channel, but it should also do the job. Internet Explorer users should read up firstly on IE Mode in Microsoft Edge Chromium. Such a mode takes advantage of an already present Enterprise Mode Site List to get those websites within a tab in the new browser that simulates IE for compatibility.

At launch, Microsoft Edge Chromium will be set as available across many platforms such as Windows 7,8.1 and 10, and macOS, too. Also, there are some plans for a Linux-based launch, but there weren’t any official announcements. Windows deployments can be controlled with Intune and Configuration Manager, and for macOS, with Jamf and Intune.

Microsoft Edge Chromium Configuration

After getting ready for the deployment of the new browser, you can configure it by using a group policy for Windows. For macOS, you’ll have to make a list to authorize the configuration setup. After that, you can deploy it utilizing Jamf and Intune. The final configuration includes setting Microsoft Edge Chromium as the default browser.

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