Microsoft Surface Book 2 Update: Latest Firmware Version of Windows 10

Microsoft and its latest firmware updates for the Surface Book 2 device have fixed a huge issue, which has been a pain in the back for users: they were not able to update to the latest version of Windows 10.

What is the problem with the devices?

The problems first appeared after the release of the May 2019 Update. Some users complained that their device’s configurations could not detect their Nvidia graphics card in the device manager. This actually came as a big issue if players wanted to play games to run a GPU app that needed the Nvidia hardware. Ever since then, the affected users were not able to update their systems to the May 2019 Update.

If you are among those that encountered this problem, then you should download the trio of firmware updates directly from Microsoft. According to Thurrott, the trio should fix the problems. The Verge can also confirm that this fix is what we have all been waiting for. They will fix these issues in no time.

Look for these ones when you are updating your device:

Surface – Firmware – 389.2837.768.0: Firmware Surface UEFI, it will solve the issue in which the display adapter suddenly disappears from Device Manager

Surface – Firmware – 182.1004.139.0: Firmware Surface System Aggregator, it will solve the problem in which the CPU will go down to .4GHz. It also improves battery stability.

Surface – System – Firmware Surface Base 2, it will improve battery stability.

After these updates are complete, you will be able to update your Surface Book 2 device to the ultimate version of Windows 10: the May 2019 Update.

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