Minecraft Earth 2019.1014.14.0 Beta Launched With Improvements And Bug Fixes

Minecraft is still one top-rated game in the world. With millions of active players, Minecraft is a real success for Mojang, its devs, and Microsoft, its publisher. Minecraft Earth is the upcoming installment in the series, and it is an AR game, like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Earlier, Minecraft Earth 2019.1014.14.0 Beta rolled out with some improvements and bug fixes. Early access is also available for specific countries. To see if you’re available for signing up for that, check on the Google Play Store.

Those fans of the AR games out there already know what this genre of video games means. AR games bring the in-game universe into the real world thanks to augmented reality. We already have Pokemon Go, the most popular in its category, but Minecraft Earth would come with some novelties to the AR game genre.

Minecraft Earth 2019.1014.14.0 Beta Is Available To Download

Minecraft Earth allows players to build stunning structures in the game, in different locations in their home city. Also, the players can collaborate between them to construct massive buildings together. Nonetheless, gamers can discover new mobs and fight against them or use them to populate the structures the players have created.

Minecraft Earth promises to be an excellent AR game. However, at the moment, the title is in its Beta phase, and we don’t have a precise release date for this new Minecraft installment for mobiles. Mojang, however, announced that Minecraft Earth would launch this fall.

The new Minecraft Earth 2019.1014.14.0 Beta is available to download and to play it, and you have to sign up as a Beta tester on Mojang official site. You can also try the latest Minecraft Earth Beta update by manually installing the game from its APK file. Keep in mind that the Minecraft Earth APK would not grant access to multiplayer mode unless you use a VPN solution set for one country that has access to the AR game’s Beta versions.

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