Minecraft Earth Release Date, Gameplay, Minimum Requirements

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, with hundreds of millions of active players all over the world. One of the upcoming entries in the Minecraft universe would be Minecraft Earth. This one will be an AR game, similar to Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, among others.

Minecraft Earth promises to come with some exciting features from both the Minecraft series and other AR games. But, let’s see details about this new Minecraft game’s release date, gameplay, and minimum requirements.

Minecraft Earth Release Date, Gameplay, And Minimum Requirements

Release Date

At the moment, Minecraft Earth is still in its Beta version. Accordingly, there are many features to test and some bugs to squeeze. According to Mojang, the devs behind the Minecraft series, promised to launch the title by the end of fall 2019.


Similar to other AR games, including Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Minecraft Earth will extrapolate the Minecraft universe into the real world around the players, using augmented reality.

You will have to walk outside to spot various Minecraft elements and build structures. Also, you will have an offline mode to enjoy the upcoming Minecraft AR game when you’re not in the mood for taking walks on the streets.

Also, you will see Minecraft mobs in the real world, thanks to AR. You will have to fight them, as you’ll observe your neighborhood in a way you’ve never imagined before.

Minimum Requirements

In a FAQ blog post on the official Minecraft page, Mojang revealed the minimum requirements for this upcoming Minecraft AR game. According to the devs, Android and iOS users can play the game.

But, there are some conditions. More specifically, Minecraft Earth only works on Android 7 or higher, or iOS 10 or newer. Also, Mojang announced that the upcoming game would be free to play, but in-app purchases would be there.

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