Minecraft: Java Edition Beta Version Available to Play with a New System

Most Minecraft players enjoy the benefits of the Bedrock Edition, which is available across a large number of platforms. However, the Java Edition remains the most popular among many Minecraft veterans.

Many players like to play beta versions of the game before the stable build is released since they can enjoy new features in advance. Mojang, the developers of the game, will release beta versions of the game regularly and this guide will show you how to gain access to them.

An interesting system

In most cases, developers tend to offer beta builds of the game, which are downloaded and played separately. In the case of Minecraft Mojang prefers to release snapshots. Snapshots are smaller versions of the game, which are designed specifically to test upcoming updates.

How to access snapshots

At first sight, the system may appear to be a bit complicated, but this is not the case. Follow these steps to enjoy snapshots in a few minutes:

  1. Start the Minecraft: Java Edition Launcher

Keep in mind that you need to have Minecraft: Java Edition installed on your PC.

  1. Look for the installations tab

The Installations tab is placed on the upper side of the launcher, between the Play and Skins tabs. Click on it to continue.

  1. Activate the snapshots option

After you click on the Installations tabs, you will get access to several options. Look for the Snapshots box and click on it. A list of the latest snapshots should appear almost instantly.

  1. Play

After the snapshot list appears, click on the green play button next to the entry to start the snapshot and enjoy the new features.

It is important to notice that snapshots are run in a separate directory, which means that your regular worlds are safe. Simply click on the Snapshots box to play the regular version again.

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