Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta Brings New “Minecraft Character Creator,” Bug Fixes, And More

Minecraft is a viral game produced by Mojang and Microsoft. Since its initial release in 2011, many versions of Minecraft have launched. Now, the game is available on every platform, including Android, on which the title is popularly known as Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now, Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta comes with the new Minecraft Character Creator, bug fixes, and more.

Minecraft’s latest beta update (Minecraft is also available on Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game, besides Android. This version brings lots of improvements and bug fixes, besides the new Minecraft Character Creator.

Minecraft Character Creator comes via Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta

The primary feature that the new Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta comes with is Minecraft Character Creator. According to the official Minecraft Beta release notes, the Minecraft Character Creator features the following:

  • Customize your avatar in various ways, such as body size and form, limb replacement and tweaking of eyes, mouth, hairstyles, and colors, as well as facial hair and skin tones.
  • Over 100 items will be available for free, along with a broad range of custom accessories, designed by the Minecraft team, which players can buy.
  • Popular custom skins can be imported as previously, on Windows 10 and Android, as follows: Profile -> Edit Character -> Classic Skins tab -> Owned -> Import -> Choose New Skin.

Only Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta testers will have access to the new Minecraft Character Creator on their Android devices. The feature will also come to Minecraft Earth, and Minecraft iOS and Nintendo Switch, in the stable Minecraft release.

Minecraft Beta also comes with bug fixes and improvements

The latest Minecraft Beta release brings improvements and bug fixes, regardless of the platform, be it Windows 10, Android, or Xbox One. According to the official patch notes, various bugs that caused crashes have been sorted out, along with other issues.

To join the tests for Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta (Android) or Minecraft Beta (Windows 10 and Xbox One) read the instructions on the official Minecraft page.

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