Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Mod Available to Download for Free

You Can Now Get the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK for Free: Here’s What You’ve Been Missing so Far

Here we have it, people. You can get the Minecraft pocket edition APK and the Mega Mod version for free.

The mobile version update comes with the Latest Minecraft Bedrock Edition updates.

All the general bugs are now fixed

First of all, the villagers that are in panic now have a bigger chance at generating Iron Golems.

All the general performance problems are not in the game anymore, and the farmers spend more time growing now. They also give away food, even if the villagers don’t really need it.

You can no explore numerous worlds and build things from homes to castles.

You can play in creative mode, where you have unlimited resources. Or, you can spend your time in survival mode – if you want to make your life harder – and make weapons and armors in order to defend yourself from the danger or the game.

You can play this game on your mobile phones, or on Windows 10.

Make your game even more interesting

Use the marketplace, where you can discover all the latest community creations from the marketplace. You can get your hands on amazing maps, texture packs from your favorite creators, or skins.

Use slash commands: you are able to give items away, or do something as simple as changing the time of the day, or summon mobs if you’re feeling brave.

Use add-ons: make the game even more enjoyable with some free Add-ons. You can edit the data-driven behaviors from the game in order to create new resource packs – that if you’re feeling creative.

Get your friends and play together

In realms, you can get up to 10 friends and play together on cross-platform, on any Realm and at any time. They put their own private server only for you. There’s a free 30-day trial in the app.

You can play with 4 of your friends with a free Xbox Live account online.

When it comes to servers – there are plenty of them, and you can share your interests with thousands of other players.

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