Minecraft Pocket Edition – Best Tips and Tricks to Survive in the Game

Minecraft Pocket Edition is, without a doubt, the best crafting games out there. All of its survival elements made it famous all around the world. You may fight dangerous monsters in survival mode, or you might build your world, either way, it’s best to take into account some tips and tricks when playing this game.

Best Tips and Tricks to Survive in Minecraft Pocket Edition

First, you need to select a seed

Minecraft seeds are some specific codes that are used to create your own world. You need to create your base in the game, then to explore the internet to get the seed.

Collect as many resources as you can

After you find a seed that’s useful to you, make sure you get as many resources as you can – wood, sand, stone, you will need them to build your world. But while you’re looking for them, make sure you also survive.

Don’t forget to build stuff

In this game, you need to dig, mine, chop. You will need a door, a chest, and a table if you want to build a Pickaxe, for example. The things will also help you in advancing in the game. Make sure you craft all kinds of supporting tools.

Digging into mountains is fun

From time to time, you might need to start digging into a mountain and put a door up.

Mining is important

If you want to get mines and ores, then you might want to mine the entire night. It might be a good idea to stop mining when the sun starts to make its appearance.

Make a stone sword

When it’s morning, and you have enough stone, you should start crafting a sword. It will help you in fighting the horrible creatures that you’ll find in the game.

Make sure you craft coal

Coal is essential for you in Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can find it around you. If you don’t have enough to light up the torches, then you will have to burn wood. For that, you need a furnace, so make sure you get one of those first.

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