Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS: Here’s What’s Amazing About the Game

We have all heard of Minecraft. The game is now ten years old, and it was first released back in May 2009. First was the PC game, and then the mobile version made its appearance. You can find this game now on most of the platforms, and it’s still so popular.

For iPhone and iPad

It’s the exact same thing for phones – you get to play the game on the phone as you’d do on the computer. The goals are the same, and you can play alone or with a group of friends.

The game comes with tips and tutorials. The controls are on-screen and are very easy to operate. When you first open the game, you only have the beach. The first task is to harvest wood and build a roof over your head. Then you need to start upgrading your buildings. Don’t forget to make a place to store your resources. Find a place to hide. If you don’t, you will lose both your resources and your life. There are different monsters out there: some want you, some only want to trash your house. Set traps and make weapons, then upgrade them throughout the game.

Throughout the game, you will have different things to do: catch fish, build a furnace, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You will also learn how to make a fire, electricity, and pretty much anything that will help you survive. The graphics are old-school.


The game is straightforward to play, and you get addicted from the very first time. You can build your own home, raise animals, and grow your own food. Of course, you have to mine for diamonds and other resources.

The goal of the game is to avoid the monsters or simply learn how to fight them.

Austin Barrie

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