Minecraft Pocket Edition Issue: “It Appears You Don’t Have a License for Minecraft.” Here’s How to Fix It

Some people have complained that they are experiencing the license error in Minecraft PE. We are here to tell you how to fix it.

Some Minecraft Pocket Edition players have talked about the license error, which comes with the message, “It appears you don’t have a license for Minecraft.” This error usually appears after you have recently bought, or updated, or installed the game from the Google Play Store, and it’s caused by a Google account configuration or some license verification issues.

Minecraft Pocket Edition, like many other games, comes with a license package, which is available with the purchase, before the initial installation. But there are times in which the game simply fails to load, or it stops working. This is when you get the license error message.

The first method: restart your device

We know it sounds childish. It’s probable that the license error has been caused by an app glitch, so by restarting your device, you could fix the problem.

The second method: Clear cache & data

This error is not really associated with this kind of corruption, but it’s best to rule it out anyway. Try to clear the cache & data of the game. in order to do this, you need to go to Settings, go to Apps, then find Minecraft. Then, you need to tap on Clear cache and clear the data.

The third method: reinstall the game

In order to uninstall the game, you need to go to Settings, then to Apps & notifications. There, look for Minecraft, and press Uninstall. After doing this, just reinstall it back from the Play Store.

The fourth method: reset your Google account and the Play Store

In order to remove the Google account/the Play Store, go to Settings, to Accounts, to Google. Find your Google account and press on Remove account. Then go to Settings, and press on “Force stop” on the Google Play Store app, then clear its cache and data. Then, you should restart the device, and add your Google account again. Then, launch Play Store. Don’t forget to sign in with your account, then reinstall Minecraft.

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