Minecraft vs. Roblox: Best Skin and Weapons Comparison

You have probably heard of the Minecraft vs. Roblox video, in which a Roblox Guest challenges Steve to see which game is better. ExplodingTNT has a different way of showing it.

With regards to skin

Roblox Guest says that the skins from the game are realistic, and super HD – no pixels. He stresses its pants, which he asks you to take a look at. Then he says that Minecraft is ugly, and asks if we still were in 1992. He then proceeds to say that Minecraft skins are not realistic.

From the part of Minecraft, a naked, muscular Steve walks by and asks what’s so unrealistic about him?

With regards to parties

The Guest says that in Roblox there are a lot of parties, and we are shown him in a club, dancing with other players. He then says that everyone has fun and that they even have a DJ, while Minecraft doesn’t have one. He then gets randomly killed by another player.

Steve is also shown in the club with many players, and he says that they all have fun, and there’s no random dying.  The funny thing is that the Purple Shep actually kills everyone in the club with his gassy body.

With regards to weapons

In Roblox, you can see ExplodingTNT plying Phantom Forces, which is a Roblox FPS game. He says that he loves the game and that there are so many weapons. He gets to this idea that there would be no accidental suicides. Then, he receives a grenade, and it explodes in his hand. You guessed it right; it killed him.

In Minecraft, ExplodingTNT is crying, and he pulls our an axe, a bow, and a sword. He then states that Roblox definitely wins this one, because Minecraft’s weapons are boring – they have a bow.

That’s a hell of a way to compare two games!

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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