Android phones will receive 4 years of system updates, say Google and Qualcomm

In the future, the advantage of Apple mobile devices may diminish if Google and Qualcomm succeed in convincing device manufacturers to align with Project Treble. The two companies want to extend the software support period from now on to four years for each processor, thus ensuring that security updates will reach users in a timely manner.

Four years of updates for Snapdragon 888 phone users

Previously, most companies offered two or up to three years of security updates on their devices. This is because many times, the processors they use no longer receive updates from manufacturers, which means that they can often bring functionality updates, but not security updates.

Project Treble, launched by Google just a few years ago, aims to bring faster updates to Android smartphones, giving phone manufacturers more effective tools to adapt the software to their devices. Now, along with Qualcomm, the company says we can expect updates for four years on devices equipped with the new chipsets from the American manufacturer.

“From now on, all Qualcomm mobile platforms that benefit from the ‘no-retroactivity’ principle will receive four years of updates for the Android OS and four years of security updates. All Qualcomm customers will be able to benefit from this stability to further reduce the costs of upgrades and new launches, as well as provide support for their devices for longer periods of time, “said Google representatives.

Qualcomm representatives added that Snapdragon 888 is the first processor to benefit from this initiative:

“Qualcomm Technologies will support four versions of Android OS and four years of software updates for all Snapdragon platforms that use Project Treble enhancements, starting with the new Snapdragon 888. These initiatives are designed to enable faster upgrades to Android OS.” with fewer resources and a predictable software life cycle for Snapdragon-based devices, which will ensure that more Snapdragon device customers run the latest Android operating system. ”

Unfortunately, only devices that launch from now on will benefit from extensive updates.

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