Instagram Lite returns to the Google Play Store in a 2 MB version

Facebook is bringing back a new version of Instagram Lite. The company withdrew its original version last year from app stores, leaving in place the standard version, which can be too demanding in terms of performance required, but also internet consumption. Thus, now, the company launches a new version, with extended functionality, compatible even with the new Reels function, at a size of only 2 MB.

Instagram Lite includes most important features

The new Instagram Lite version is being developed in Facebook’s Tel Aviv offices and promises an almost complete Instagram experience, without the little things that distract you. For example, you do not have all the advanced filters for your camera. But you can still post photos, videos and stories, chat with friends or comment based on network content.

What is completely missing is Instagram Live, the ability to make video broadcasts inside the network, but the store function, through which you can buy products directly through Instagram, does not appear in this version. AR filters for photos or videos are removed because this application is dedicated to cheaper devices that would not have the necessary processing power anyway.

In fact, those who use the Instagram Lite application will receive photos in feeds and slightly better compressed videos directly from the server, so as not to require the hardware of the phones.

The app is launching on Google Play in 170 countries today and is aimed primarily at countries with lower internet adoption, those living in weaker signal areas, or having low-speed connections. This is also a new opportunity to try to attract new audiences to Instagram Reels, the function that copies the video format from TikTok. In India there is a high chance of gaining many new users who could not use the standard application in a comfortable way, as TikTok is banned in this country.

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