What does the Honor V40 look like, the first model after the separation from Huawei

Honor is now a completely separate company from Huawei, the division being sold just a few weeks ago to a consortium of Chinese companies, along with part of the local government in Shenzhen. However, Honor does not have much time to adapt to the new situation, as it has to launch a new flagship, the Honor V40 model, which is expected in the near future, and now we have the first image that reveals the design of this model.

Honor V40 retains Huawei’s “DNA”

Honor V40 could arrive on the market in January, a traditional launch window for the brand’s V-range models. Being a device that was certainly in an advanced stage of development, most likely, it will not be much changed compared to the version that was to appear anyway when it belonged to Huawei.

The similarities with the models already launched by the Chinese manufacturer can be seen with the naked eye, but, most likely, we are talking about a more affordable phone, even if it is equipped with a large part of the components of the P40 or Mate 40 series.


It seems that Honor was inspired by the design of watches to make a circular camera, not very different from the one on Huawei Mate 40 Pro. In fact, that model seems to be the template for the Honor V40, as it also seems to use a wider cutout in the screen in the upper left corner, as well as an extremely curved screen on the edges. It seems that this model also has something in common with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, as only a power button can be seen on the sides, not volume buttons.


Probably the next models, the Honor 40 series, will move away from Huawei’s “DNA” and most likely, will also use software with pre-installed Google services for models sold in international markets.

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