Modders Took Initiative Adding Missing Pokemon To Sword and Shield


Pokemon Sword and Shield have been out for a few days now. The November 15 release brought fans what they have been patiently expecting for some time. As high as the hype was, some players quickly declared themselves disappointed after discovering the Pokedex is not complete, and some Pokemon are missing.

However, modders did not miss a beat and soon released mods that add the missing pieces to the Pokedex. SciresM, a popular Pokemon dataminer and hacker, took the initiative and completed the Pokemon database in Sword and Shield. The first Pokemon modded into the games was Omastar.

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Pokedex cost the franchise some serious critique, triggering a bit of controversy. Pokemon from earlier generations were not included, so older fans felt somewhat betrayed. Unlike earlier games, you were able to transfer Pokemon from other generations into your game, but this feature died with Sword and Shield, which is exactly why the missing pieces of the Pokedex caused such a stir.

SciresM is a self-proclaimed Pokemon researcher who took the Pokemon: Let’s Go version of Omastar and used it as a new face for a Yamper. The modder announced that his wish is to bring back old Pokemon by re-tooling stats and building foundations for animators and modelers to fix the look and animations for every single Pokemon.

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