Motorola Razr Folding Smartphone Leaked In New Images, And It Looks Stunning

Phone manufacturers are struggling to come to the emerging foldable phone market, and Motorola is one of them. Motorola Razr folding smartphone would be the first attempt of the company in the respective segment. Recently, new images leaked, showing the future smartphone, and it looks stunning.

Motorola Razr, as a brand, is one of the most iconic phone series ever created. It rolled out in 2004, and it quickly became a very popular phone at its time. At first, it launched as a so-called “fashion phone,” so its price was a bit spicy. Within two years, as Motorola lowered the cost of the device, more than 50 million units sold by July 2006.

Motorola, the brand of Lenovo now, wants, once again, to come out with an iconic folding smartphone. The reboot of the Motorola Razr mark could be the boost that the company needs to recover and place among the best phone produces in the market.

Motorola Razr Folding Smartphone Leaked In New Images

One of the recently leaked images of the Motorola Razr folding smartphone is the one you can see above, at the beginning of the article. Below, you can enjoy the other two pics:

Well, it looks pretty much like the original Motorola Razr, only that it’s thicker and bigger than it “ancestor.” Apparently, this one would be a smartphone only because it would come out with Android. Otherwise, it could easily pass as an old-school phone when folded.

But hold, because when unfold, the device looks stunning, showing a huge OLED screen:

We can see a small notch, as well as a home button similar to that on older Samsung Galaxy devices. We truly hope that the Motorola Razr would roll out on the expected date (November 13th, 2019) and that it would not experience delays like the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding smartphone.

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