Moving From Isolation To Intimacy: The Importance Of Relationships

Mental health is an extremely important issue, especially these days when isolation becomes a keyword that’s been ruling our lives for a while.

Mental health-related issues can impact people in all kinds of ways, and psychology has been analyzing these in order to be able to reach out to people before it’s too late.

A successful life involves having healthy and fulfilling relationships as well, and failure involves experiencing isolation and loneliness, according to experts.

The issue of intimacy vs. isolation has been extremely debated, and one name that should be remembered in terms of these essential issues is Erik Erikson, a 20th-century psychologist.

Intimacy vs. isolation

These are two important terms that address different issues. Intimacy is an individual’s choice to open themselves up to others and share who they are, their experiences, and more in order to create strong and long-lasting connections.

Isolation is the exact opposite, and it involves fear of rejection, separation, and such issues can result in terrible outcomes, including low self-esteem and the impossibility to create and develop relationships and friendships.

Successfully moving from isolation to intimacy

Therapy and counseling can help a troubled mind to successfully move from the state of isolation to intimacy and create strong relations with the ones around.

It’s important to understand that isolation is the result of fear of rejection, and people can end up avoiding human interaction out of fear. Avoiding all future attempts at forming a bond with others is terrible, and it can lead to severe mental issues.

Depression and anxiety and some of them and such problems can become devastating for an individual. This is the reason for which intimacy versus isolation became such an important part of psychology because it involves really deep subjects.

Moving from isolation to intimacy will require resisting the tendency of an individual to avoid others, and it involves the ability to open up and be honest with yourself and the people who surround you. This can turn out to be quite a challenging thing to do on your own, and counseling is the first step to fixing such issues.

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