Mozilla Firefox 69.0.2 Update Bug Refuses To Download Files On Windows 10

Mozilla Firefox is, usually, an excellent Internet browser, a reliable alternative to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. In the first week of this month, Mozilla launched Firefox 69.0.2 update. Unfortunately, the release came out with an annoying bug that refuses to download files on Windows 10 computers.

The new Firefox 69.0.2 update fixed the issues that cause the browser to crash when users were editing documents using Office 365. The bug affecting Linux PCs, which caused freezes when users were watching YouTube vids at different speeds, was eliminated, too.

Unluckily, Firefox 69.0.2 update rolled out with a weird bug. As many users reported, after they downloaded the new version, they couldn’t download files on Windows 10. That seems to be related to the parental control feature of Windows 10. If the function is on, Firefox 69.0.2 refuses to download any files whatsoever.

However, the Windows 10 users who don’t have parental control activated can enjoy downloading files with the latest Firefox update, as usual.

How to fix the Firefox 69.0.2 bug that affects downloading files on Windows 10

“File downloads may not work for Windows 10 users with Parental Control enabled,” the version’s release notes read. Accordingly, Mozilla knows about this issue, and they even launched a fix in the latest Firefox Nightly build. However, now fix rolled out to the final versions of Firefox.

One easy solution to tackle this Firefox 69.0.2 download issue is to uninstall this version and install Firefox 69.0.1. Once you do that, go to Settings in Firefox and switch off automatic updates.

Nonetheless, you can turn off Parental Control in Windows 10. That would allow Firefox 69.0.2 to download files on your computer. This method is, however, not ideal in case children use your computer, too.

Last but not least, until Mozilla releases the next update, leave Firefox 69.0.2 aside and use Microsoft Edge or Chrome. If you’re not a fan of Firefox, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t move to another browser.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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