New Android Phone? Here Are the Top 5 Apps You Must Install Right Away

If you have just received a new Android phone for Christmas, then you surely know there are a bunch of apps you will need to install. The most popular operating system comes with thousands of handy apps, but you cannot install them all!

Here is where we have got you covered with a list of handy apps that will make you more productive and are fun to play with.

We will leave out all the basic apps that should be on a smartphone – those being social media apps, music apps or messaging apps. Instead, we will focus one the best apps on Google Play that offer incredible features and options.

Video Editor – Glitch Video Effects

If you were looking for a handy app to edit your videos and add cool effects, then you must definitely go for ‘Video Editor – Glitch Video Effects.’

The app is a colorful video editor app, and it was voted Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019.

Google Photos

Do not get us wrong: you need this app and we are a bit taken aback this is not a default app for every Android phone. Your photo library can be stored in the cloud, the app backs up the photos and you never have to worry about your precious memories!

Find My Device

If you know you usually misplace things, then you need this app to locate your lost Android device. It shows a map with the current location of the phone, also including indoor maps if you ever lose your device in a mall or other large buildings. The app can make your phone play a sound even if it is muted and it can lock the phone if it is stolen.


If you drive a lot, you will definitely be thankful for Waze, even if you have Google Maps. Waze is much better adapted for driving, as it shows live traffic data gathered from its users. Plan your trips efficiently with this app which includes nice features, such as essential landmarks – gas stations and hotels, for instance.


This is an app you need to have, no matter what. You can store all your passwords here and let the app fill all the info on most apps that require your credentials. The app is encrypted and offers maximum security, also working with your browser for easy logins!

Other Handy Apps to get on Android Devices

Other noteworthy apps are Alexa/Google Home if you have a smart home gadget as well. Another popular app for gamers is Call of Duty: Mobile for gamers that are on the go. Last but not least, even though we said we’ll avoid messaging apps, we must mention Ablo – a chat app that has an auto-translation tool so you can chat in your native language with someone from another country. If you are more into privacy security, Signal is an app that has built-in military grade encryption for messages, calls and media files – this is why powerful people on Earth, such as politicians, activists and so on, use it.

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