New iPhone SE 2 Leak Sparks Heated Debates Online

The latest generation of iPhones has been a hit among smartphone owners, proving that Apple continues to release excellent devices. Now, all the eyes turned on iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2.

Some people love the idea of owning a smaller iPhone. The release of the iPhone SE was appreciated by a large number of fans who love the idea of the same iPhone quality in a small form factor.

It is believed that the Cupertino giant is hard at work on the development of the new iPhone SE 2 model that should meet the requirements of the fans. There have been a few leaks that tackle the upcoming device, and a new one has sparked heated debates on the internet.

According to an article published by a leading Japanese source, the new device will borrow a lot of design elements from the iPhone 8. A 5.4-inch LCD panel will be found on the front of the device, and the source claims that this information has been confirmed by a manufacturer who supplies screens for Apple.

New iPhone SE 2 Leak Sparks Heated Debates Online

The different screen sizes sparked the debates since previous reports noted that the device would sport a 4.7-inch panel, the same screen size of the original iPhone 8.

It is theorized that the reduction of bezels and the removal of the home button could maximize the potential screen space, allowing Apple to squeeze a larger panel.

Other sources contradict this variant, arguing that the device is designed to be an affordable choice, and it will retain the physical home button for Touch ID as the implementation of Face ID would be too expensive.

This counter-argument was anticipated by the Japanese source, which argues that the device will be fitted with a more affordable version of the TrueDepth camera, which means that it should offer Face ID. Most voices agree that iPhone SE 2 should be released in the following months, but only time will tell.

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