New Patent Reveals Game Cartridge For PS5

Ever since we found out that Sony is working on the PlayStation 5, fans could barely contain their excitement. Rumors and speculations flooded the internet, along with some alleged leaks.
The release date of the next-gen console has also been a heavily discussed subject, but Sony finally confirmed the PS5 is coming sometime in 2020. Apart from that, the company chose not to divulge any more information.

Recently, as reports never stopped coming, it’s speculated that Sony could be working on a game cartridge for the PS5. The rumors were triggered after Sony filed a series of design patents for the console. The patents are intentionally categorized as Class 14.99, with the description “Miscellaneous”. However, the Japanese classification is described as “Electronic game accessories.” The discovery was made by LetsGoDigital.

(Image Source: LetsGoDigital)

Even more, the creator of the design is Yujin Morisawa, who occupies the position of senior art director of Sony Interactive Entertainment. He is in charge of every product linked to the PlayStation brand, which is why fans feel suspicious about the game cartridge.

The patent image is quite simple, and it does not reveal a lot of information. We can see that the game cartridge is compact, but we don’t know anything else apart from that.

It is still unknown which console will fit this cartridge. But since Sony has been working on the PS5 and its release is next year, we can assume the game cartridge has been designed for it.

LetsGoDigital said: “It is as yet unclear in which console this cartridge can be inserted. Since the patent was applied for by Sony Interactive Entertainment, it is obvious that this device will have to do with gaming.”


Andreea Osu

Andreea Osu

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