New Update for WhatsApp Hides Muted Status

Users who mute status updates are the ones targeted by the latest update for WhatsApp on Android devices. Basically, it will hide status updates until you click on it to view the muted ones.

The update is more precisely the beta version 2.19.260, and it has already been rolled out for those who have an Android OS installed on their gadgets.

How to get it

It’s enough to have enrolled the beta program to see the collapsible list at the bottom of the status tab of muted status updates. If there’s no trace for the new version, you might just try the oldest trick in the book: reinstalling the app. This simple procedure always assures you will be having the latest version of the app.

WhatsApp added recently some pretty cool features for its users to enjoy, therefore this update is not so impressive when compared with others. One of the latest updates of the Facebook-owned service was the fingerprint lock feature letting users use the fingerprint sensor on their smartphone.

The good news doesn’t end

WhatsApp looks like it permanently has good ideas to improve the lives of its users, considering the fact that recently the app added the possibility to directly share status updates as Facebook Story. And this feature is available already for all WhatsApp users if they follow a few simple steps.

First, you’ll need to go to the status tab in the app where you will need to be uploading a video or image to your status. After you’ve published the status, a “share to Facebook Story” option will instantly appear and all you’ll have to do is to tap it.  The app will redirect you to the Facebook Story interface where you can publish your status and decide who can see it. Of course, it’s mandatory to have the latest version of the app for the feature to work.

It’s nice to see that WhatsApp works well with its owning company Facebook, one of the Big Four’s of the major tech companies. And who doesn’t like sharing stuff on Facebook Story?

Arya Spetza

Arya Spetza

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