AMD could move some of its processor production to Samsung’s factories

The partnership between Samsung and AMD for the use of the Radeon core in the chipsets in the Exynos range seems to have other ramifications, AMD planning to supplement the deliveries of processors delivered with the help of Samsung.

According to industry sources, AMD would like to increase deliveries of CPU and APUs by 50%, but the current semiconductor supplier, TSMC, already has full production capacity and cannot meet the demand received. Samsung, on the other hand, has an 8nm manufacturing process considered slightly lower than the 7nm one provided by TSMC, which AMD could use to make chips with less demanding performance requirements, such as those intended laptop systems.


But in the slightly longer term, AMD could benefit from a new 3nm process that Samsung is already preparing for volume production. If the plan succeeds, the company could move production of the next generation of Ryzen processors directly to the 3nm node developed by Samsung, gaining a significant competitive advantage over rival Intel.

Samsung recently announced a $ 10 billion investment in a semiconductor plant in Texas. According to recent rumors, the new 3nm chips will be delivered here, mainly to customers in the United States.

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