Android 12 will be able to automatically set the “vibration” mode, depending on the time of day

Android 12 introduces the “Automatic” setting for the audio level, checking this option allows the phone to automatically switch to “vibration” mode, at certain times of the day or situations that have occurred in the past.

Discovered by XDA Developers forum members, the setting is not yet functional in the first version of Android 12 Developer Preview 1. Finally, the new option should allow the Android phone to automatically determine if a notification message will be played using a profile sound, or other.

Thus, some notification messages may be announced using only vibration, vibration + sound, or sound at a higher intensity, if the anticipated phone usage scenario is favorable. In any case, the plan is to relieve Android users from the obsessive ticking of vibration mode, at certain times of the day or locations that require an increased level of discretion.

The new option should complete the silent and default settings already available under Android 11. For example, if you use a swipe on any Android 11 notification message, these are the two options you’ll see. The first will completely turn off the sound for notifications or use vibration. The second option will correspond to the sound profile you have chosen at the system level. The third option, automatic, should detect whether the notification should be played with sound or just vibrations.

What is certain is that the new “Automatic” option is checked as the default setting on devices updated to Android 12 Developer Preview 1, which confirms Google’s plans to automate Android settings. We will find out more details during future revisions of Android 12, respectively, at the time of the official launch of the new OS.

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