COVID testing with 95% accuracy, possible with a mobile application created by a German developer

A Munich-based company has launched a smartphone app that promises 95% accuracy COVID testing in just three minutes.

Everything works with the camera of the mobile phone, the application uploading a picture on the developer’s server that captures the eyes of the person tested, the positive or negative result being returned in no more than three minutes.

The testing procedure implemented by the Semic RF developer together with colleagues from the United States does not require the provision of a biological sample. Instead, the check is based on the detection of one of the early symptoms of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, manifested by inflammation and staining of the eyes in a certain shade of pink.

“We managed to isolate COVID-19 by analyzing over two million different shades of pink,” developer Wolfgang Gruber told Reuters.

It says the app, already tested on more than 70,000 people, can process up to one million scans per second, and testing capacity can be further expanded – allowing users to return earlier to mass events such as concerts. and football matches.

“You install the app, you get a picture with both eyes, you send it for evaluation and then you can have the evaluated result stored as a QR code on your smartphone,” Gruber added.

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