Don’t forget about clients once they’ve become clients

We’ve all signed up for something we regret.

Maybe it’s a gym membership you forgot about after January, a magazine subscription you rarely read, or a timeshare you never used. Whatever it was, it’s always disappointing to find out you invested time and money in something that went south.

Hard truth time: Unfortunately, some clients feel that way about their advisers. And it’s not the clients’ fault. I’ve seen advisers who invest a lot in marketing to cold prospects, but once those prospects become clients their adviser stops communicating.

I’m here to offer you a simple piece of advice: Keep dating your clients. Just because they signed on the dotted line doesn’t mean they’ll always stick around. Take care of them. Treat them right. Talk to them!

Incorporating the four components listed below will help you deepen relationships, reveal your dedication and keep you top of mind. Ultimately, you’ll create the best version of yourself and offer your clients the best experience they can get too.


One of the easiest ways to make clients feel appreciated is by reaching out regularly in meaningful ways.  Just because they may have moved from being a prospect to a client does not mean your work is done. In reality, it’s only just begun.

Part of truly knowing your clients involves understanding what types of communication they appreciate the most. Many advisers are finding, for example, that sending a two-minute video update each month is far more appreciated than a written commentary. Or that an occasional “just checking in” text message sparks more replies than an email blast.

Frequent, active communication can also go a long way toward lowering client anxiety. When clients don’t hear from their adviser, then their behavioral biases are more likely to kick in, causing them to worry and become more likely to make emotional decisions.


Imagine you just closed a client and an opportunity with another bigger client comes through the door. If you’re so busy building the plan and working with the massive client that you forget about checking in with the first client, this could create some challenges in the relationship.

The solution is simple. Build a 90-day, new-client contact series so all of your clients, no matter how big or small, get the same royal treatment. Send an automated email or text message each week, beginning with a welcome email, then following up with more messages like:

  • “Here are common questions our clients ask.”
  • “A few handy links I thought you’d appreciate.”
  • “Are you enjoying your experience with us so far?”

In addition to creating peace of mind, laying out how you operate can prevent confusion and keep you from answering the same questions every time you onboard a new client.

Our research has found that having 10-12 informational emails scheduled over the course of 90 days is all you need. In fact, in an internal study we did among Snappy Kraken users, advisers who averaged 4.3 emails per month received nearly three times the engagement of advisers only sending 1.6 emails per month.

Note that the email series I am talking about is not the same as sending a cold newsletter. Your clients should feel like you are talking directly to them and receive content that specifically speaks to their needs. For starters, you’ll want to tell them how to access accounts online, explain how to best reach you, and go over services they may want to consider.

And if you want to make your emails irresistible, use video. Time and time again, data proves that open rates and click through rates are twice as good when there’s authentic multimedia content that can be watched on demand.


If your clients are more tech-savvy and prefer to hear from you via text, it’s worth your time to set up automated text messages. Sending text messages reinforces your availability (you’re never more than a phone call away) and gives clients an opportunity to vocalize their thoughts or concerns immediately.

But, of course, compliance is an issue here. If you don’t have a compliant way to text clients or send occasional updates, you should still plan for ways to send messages on key dates like their anniversary or birthday to let them know you’re thinking of them. That little touchpoint may only take a few minutes to set up on your end but can resonate with the clients for a lifetime.


Everyone loves to feel appreciated. We recommend having a process in place at your firm where you host quarterly events or give gifts to your clients.

If you don’t have a big client appreciation budget (or even if you do), simply offering online events where you educate and entertain can be a nice option.

As with all relationships, the goal is to keep things fresh, and use opportunities to remind the other party that you’re always there for them.

Robert Sofia is the CEO of the digital marketing firm Snappy Kraken.

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Andrew is half-human, half-gamer. He's also a science fiction author writing for BleeBot.
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