Galaxy Note 21 will probably be launched, but only as a less desirable Z Fold 3 alternative

Becoming redundant after the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be presented in early 2021 with support for the Stylus and all its strengths, the Galaxy Note 21 will still be launched, to the satisfaction of fans still willing to buy it in large numbers.

According to the latest rumors circulating in the South Korean press, Galaxy S21 will be launched towards the end of January, and the latest generation model will have support for the S Pen accessory. Sources among suppliers also reveal that Samsung has ordered digitizers for the Galaxy S21 Ultra and that series production will begin soon. Digitizers are sensors that are placed under the display of a device to ensure the compatibility of the electronic pen.

The early launch aims to present buyers with an alternative to the iPhone 12 range with 5G, yes and to take advantage of the economic bans imposed by the US for rival Huawei, Samsung trying to use the advantageous position to strengthen its market share as much as possible.

As for the role of Galaxy Note, the brand will be in an intermediate stage prior to its “retirement”. Thus, the Galaxy Note 21 will be presented in June on the same stage as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the foldable model receiving most of the attention.

As part of the plan to attract fans to the Galaxy Z flagship, or the Galaxy S Ultra model, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 21 in a single version and will promote it less than usual. If the strategy works, the South Korean company will be able to withdraw the Note brand without the risk of declining sales, starting in 2022.

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