Galaxy S21, delivered without headphones and charger in the accessory package

After first ridiculing Apple’s decision to deliver iPhone 12 without charger and headphones in the accessory package, Samsung has just eliminated the Galaxy S21 accessory package. The information is confirmed by official documents.

Taken under the pretext of reducing the waste of raw materials and reducing the carbon footprint, Apple’s decision to abandon the package with iPhone accessories has not only received positive reviews, there are voices accusing hidden intentions from the American company. Coincidentally or not, sales of optional accessories such as wireless power adapters and wireless headphones have increased in recent months.

Recognizing the potential of such a move, Samsung forgot about the media campaign against rival Apple, tacitly giving up the Galaxy S21 accessory package.

Samsung has removed the headphones and AC adapter from the Galaxy S21 accessory package

It has been rumored since the summer that Samsung is preparing a similar move: to take the accessories out of the box of the next Galaxy models. But those were just rumors, which did not materialize with the launch of the Galaxy Note20 series. But what I saw in the case of the Note20 was the fact that Samsung offers different accessories, depending on the region. Some users receive a protective cover and foil on the screen, while others do not receive the same “bonuses”.


The list of accessories taken out of the package also includes AKG headphones, quite appreciated among users less bothered by the wired connection.

Although they will be the first important phones in 2021, the Galaxy S21 series will probably not be the only ones delivered without a package of accessories included. Especially in the high-end range, the probability that other smartphone manufacturers will take the example of Apple and Samsung are quite high.

However, there are signs that the measure could be blocked in some parts of the world, with the authorities considering it to be against the interests of consumers. For example, the Brazilian consumer protection authority has already forced Apple to include the AC adapter in the package with iPhone 12 accessories, a similar decision being made in the case of Samsung being predictable.

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