Google Earth shows us how planet Earth has changed in the last 37 years

Google has compiled more than 24 million satellite images, taken between 1984 and 2020, with the new Timelapse feature added to Google Earth illustrating the changes that planet Earth has undergone in the last 37 years.

Google Earth is probably the best Android app for exploring our planet. Based on high-resolution satellite imagery, the app allows you to “fly” over big cities and explore truly unique geographical regions, such as Mount Everest.

Part of “the biggest Google Earth update in years,” the new Timelapse feature allows users to see how our planet has changed in recent decades.

According to Google, the new Timelapse feature allows you to “keep track of time and witness nearly four decades of planetary change” in a 4D interactive experience. Google promises to update Google Earth every year with new Timelapse images, encouraging awareness and changing perspectives on some of the most pressing global issues. ”

To use the new Timelapse mode you need to access the site dedicated to the Timelapse experience. Here you can type the name of any location whose evolution over time you want to observe. Alternatively, you can open the previously updated Google Earth app to the latest version available and access Timelapse via the Voyager menu by clicking on the ship’s wheel to watch guided guided tours.

Google currently offers over 800 2D and 3D Timelapse videos on its website and YouTube channel.

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