Google enables additional optimizations for apps installed in the Play Store. What you need to know

Google has been optimizing for some time the installation of applications downloaded from the Play Store, the first innovation related to the compression used, with some adverse effects on installation time. But that doesn’t mean that installing apps from the Play Store is an unpleasant experience for everyone.

Trying to find a balance, Google is now trying to shorten installation times by first delivering only those portions of the application that statistics say are most likely to be accessed in the first instance. The idea is for the rest of the application to be installed while you are already using it, without you feeling any unpleasant delays.

For Google, the secret seems to be the implementation of a new generation of Machine Learning technologies so that the need to collect as much user data as possible does not interfere with existing laws to protect data privacy. Another goal for collecting as much user data as possible seems to be the Google Assistant service, whose functionality is based on keyword detection and a broad knowledge of the needs of the target audience. aim.


Unveiled last month, the new App Install Optimization feature comes as a complement to the capabilities already in the Google Play Store. The plan is to generally observe user behavior after installing a particular application. Later, the APK installation kit for the initial installation of the application is modified so that it contains only that part of the functionality that most users initially access, and the rest of the application will be installed in the background.

According to investigations by enthusiasts of the XDA Developers forum, the App Install Optimization system has already been activated experimentally for some Android users, the presence of this feature being signaled with a notification message, informing about the possibility of disabling it, enabled by default .

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