Google is replacing the Discover tab on tablets with a new entertainment interface

Google is enhancing the Android tablet user experience by turning the Discover feed into Entertainment Space, a new entertainment section with instant access to multiple sources of multimedia content.

Unlike iPads, Android tablets differ quite a bit on the software side, the experience gained varying from one manufacturer to another. With more emphasis on the entertainment side, Google is about to launch a new hub with access to video content, games and books in electronic format.

Designed to deliver a Google TV-like experience, the new section can be accessed by swiping left on the home screen. It is unclear at this time what will happen to the Discover feed, once the new version officially debuts. For starters, Google will deliver the new Android experience on several tablet models sold in the United States, and products from other brands (eg Lenovo) will be supported in the coming months.

The new Entertainment Space is divided into three distinct tabs – Watch, Games and Read

The Watch tab will centralize content from all streaming services you have subscribed to. Although you’ll be able to buy or rent movies on Google TV, YouTube will be a big part of the viewing experience. There will also be an option called Continue Watching, which will allow you to continue where you left off by watching TV shows, movies or YouTube videos, even if you initially used another device (eg Android TV). In addition, you will receive personalized recommendations from services such as Hulu and Twitch.

In the Games tab you will be able to find a catalog of games to choose from, the recommendations being set by Google based on your preferences. Some of the recommended games can be tried without full installation, minimizing the data traffic generated by the internet connection.

In the Read tab you will find books in electronic format, as well as audio books. Google says previews will be available, allowing you to try out the book before you buy it.

Overall, the new Entertainment Space appears to be a notable improvement, helping to maximize the multimedia potential of Android tablets.

Andrew is half-human, half-gamer. He's also a science fiction author writing for BleeBot.