Google puts COVID-19 vaccination centers on the map

Google is announcing major changes in preparation for Maps and Search to better guide citizens to the nearby COVID-19 vaccination centers.

The new Google information is being added in collaboration with local authorities, helping to make it easier to find nearby vaccination centers, as well as get an overview of the regional distribution of COVID-19 vaccine centers.

Google confirms that it will prioritize the locations of vaccination centers on both Google Search and Google Maps maps, initially for locations in the United States and then in other parts of the world.


In addition to the distribution of vaccination centers, the information provided by Google could also include specific details, such as the need for prior appointment, restricting access to certain age groups and the possibility of performing the vaccine in drive-through mode (without leaving the personal car).

At least for the US region, Google confirms that it will assist vaccination efforts by making its own facilities available to the authorities (eg owned buildings, parking lots and land).

The details for the location of the vaccination centers will be complemented with other useful information, the initiative called “Get The Facts” aimed at combating misinformation by presenting detailed information, obtained from credible sources verified by Google employees.

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