How durable is, in fact, the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Galaxy S21 Ultra, the most advanced Samsung phone of the moment, comes with innovations to protect the screen, but also a construction that is not exactly friendly with the repairs performed outside the authorized Samsung service centers.

Disassembled on the YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything is presented with the same materials – glass and metal – used with other contemporary smartphone products.


However, South Korean engineers have made some improvements, such as a new type of glass with a matte finish, which is more resistant than most sharp-edged or abrasive objects you might encounter in everyday life. Common objects, such as coins and even pocket knives, cannot leave visible marks on glass surfaces.

In contrast, the ornament applied around the main camera is not as durable, the painted aluminum being especially vulnerable to contact with other abrasive surfaces, such as staples applied to the pockets of jeans. Fortunately, the lenses of the four photo modules are much better protected.

Another particularly vulnerable area is the portion of the screen just above the fingerprint sensor. Any scratch here can make the fingerprint signature already stored in the phone unrecognizable, as the biometric ultrasound sensor is especially vulnerable to these changes. Fortunately, its functionality can be recovered by re-registering the fingerprint signature. The measure should also be repeated when applying a screen protector, the surface of which may alter the signature of the fingerprint.

In terms of durability, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a winner, with essential parts such as the screen, camera lenses and fingerprint sensor being well protected. But all this comes with a cost to match, the Samsung flagship coming with a recommended price of $ 1200.

Andrew is half-human, half-gamer. He's also a science fiction author writing for BleeBot.