How powerful is the Snapdragon 888: the first test in GeekBench

The first test on GeekBench with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8888 processor appeared in the application’s database. It seems that someone has a Vivo smartphone equipped with a “Lahaina” motherboard, the code name for the new Snapdragon platform. This model is most likely a prototype for next year’s company flagship, which will come with Android 11 pre-installed.

GeekBench test results suggest that the Snapdragon 888 is a minor upgrade

However, the test on GeekBench proves the advantages on the processing side that Snapdragon 888 has compared to Snapdragon 865 last year. Thanks to the Cortex-X1 core, used in applications that require top performance, the performance score in Single-Core has increased to over 1,000 points: 1,135. Previously, Android devices reached around 900 points, on average.

Then, in multi-core, the differences are not major, but the score is higher than we could reach in the past. With 3,681 points, this model surpasses a Snapdragon 865, but both scores reported on GeekBench are lower than those obtained by the new Apple A14 on iPhone 12 models. It is even hard to believe that the next generation of Snapdragon will achieve a similar performance with the Apple solution, especially in single-core.


From our tests, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple’s most powerful smartphone, scored 1,603 points in the Single-Core test and 4,254 points in the Multi-Core in the GeekBench tests. The results of the other iPhone 12 models were close, but none exceeded 4000 points in the multi test.

It’s just that Qualcomm is aware that the gross performance of the processor will not be much improved. The company focused on the official presentation of Snapdragon 888 on AI processing, GPU and even the image processor, components that can provide improved performance with tangible results, even if the CPU does not bring much extra performance.

It remains to be seen whether the differences between Snapdragon 888 and Apple A14 are as great as the GeekBench results suggest after the appearance of the first Android phones equipped with the new Qualcomm processor.

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