Huawei now allows applications to be installed on Watch GT2 Pro watches

Huawei’s smart watches in the last few years have become very popular but were at a disadvantage compared to popular models from Apple and Samsung, or from manufacturers that integrate Android Wear. They came with a set of fixed functions, without the possibility to install new applications that bring access to new services or functionalities. Huawei announced last year that it will allow the installation of applications on newer models, thanks to the Harmony OS SDK, and now customers will be able to start testing the first applications for these devices.


Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is the company’s first watch that allows the installation of applications

The first new application for watches in the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro range is called Fitify and is promoted by Huawei as a demonstration of what is possible with this SDK. It installs both on the watch and on the phone and provides access to a database of 900 exercises, using data from 10 million users. It is developed to benefit from Huawei Mobile Services, so it is compatible with both Huawei phones with Google services and those that no longer have this capability.

There is already a second application launched for Watch GT2 Pro that allows users to reply to text messages. Thus, this operating system reaches a higher level, closer to the god on which the competition already stands and over the one on which we usually put the fitness bracelet type devices.

Unfortunately, only the models in the Watch GT2 Pro range receive access to the new watch applications at the moment. However, they could also reach the watches of the standard GT2 generation, as inside it offers the same Kirin A1 processor, 4 GB of storage and 32 MB of RAM. In fact, these specifications, weak on paper, are also the reason why these watches can offer up to two weeks of autonomy, and applications will have to be made around these performance limitations.

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