Huawei Watch 3 will be released next week, along with HarmonyOS

We now know that Huawei is preparing for the launch of Harmony OS next week, but along with this new operating system, which will be used on a wide range of devices, will come a new gadget. This is a new smartwatch, the first to be equipped with HarmonyOS from the factory: Huawei Watch 3. The official announcement is expected during the event, but we have some unofficial information about the device, as well as confirmation from Huawei that it will indeed be revealed.

The Huawei Watch 3 will adopt a digital crown, just like the Apple Watch

Huawei has released a “teaser” image, which mentions the name HarmonyOS, on June 2, as well as a “crown” watch. This is very similar in design to the Apple Watch models and seems to be implemented on the Huawei Watch 3. Apple uses it to navigate menus, making it easier to scroll a page or a message than to occupy the entire screen with your finger. to stay. Previous Huawei Watch models did not include a digital crown, only standard side buttons.

This suggests that the new HarmonyOS will be different in terms of interface and functionality compared to previous Watch GT models. Rumor has it that it will be able to work even independently of a smartphone, with an integrated eSIM. This allows you to initiate or answer calls directly on your watch, and it can connect to the internet directly.


While the Huawei Watch GT series has proven to be very popular among smart watch users, especially due to its above-average autonomy, their biggest criticism has been software limitation. Huawei’s Watch GT watches could not receive new applications other than the standard ones. The company started to change that with the launch of HarmonyOS on the Watch GT 2 Pro model, which now supports the installation of new applications. But the Watch 3 could be the model that brings this series of devices in line with the offer of smart watches with software from Apple, Google or Samsung.

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