LG announces the full list of phones that receive Android 11 and launch periods

LG is considering leaving the smartphone market, after several years in which its models have fallen more and more in sales. The South Korean company manages to be moderately successful in the US market, and in the last year has not launched any high-end models, focusing on mid-range experiments such as Velvet and LG Wing. However, the company continues to provide software support for some of the models in its portfolio and has announced when Android 11 will be available on already launched phones.

LG is updating to Android 11 less than ten phones

Even if it shows no signs of launching a high-end smartphone in the near future, LG plans to launch in the next few months software updates for its most popular models of recent times. LG hasn’t released too many software updates before, but this year it plans to update only seven models to Android 11. A few phones in its portfolio, such as Velvet in South Korea and V60 in the US have already received, so in total they will be eight LG phones with Android 11 in total.

Here is the complete list of LG devices that will receive the update and the launch window in the company expects to bring these new software to market:

LG Velvet 5G – April 2021
LG G8X – Quarter 2 2021
LG Velvet 4G – Quarter 3 2021
LG G8S – Quarter 3 2021
LG Wing – Quarter 4 2021
LG K52 – Quarter 4 2021
LG K42 – Quarter 4 2021
It is interesting how a fairly advanced model, such as LG Wing, receives an update from Android 10 to 11 only at the end of 2021, when Android 12 should already be on the market. The company says that the models on this list are being tested right now with the Android 11 version, but the development seems to be going hard, considering the launch deadlines.

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